The disease

If the chicken is not cooked to 73 degrees Celsius, the bacteria can survive and cause serious illnesses to those who consumes it.(Larsen, 2016)

A  study by Michigan State University research team is the first to show that Campylobacter jejuni triggers Guillian-Barre Syndrome. A professor of MSU, Linda Mansfield, said that it takes a certain genetic makeup combined with a certain Campylobacter strain to cause this disease. However, these strains may be antibiotic resistant and treatment with antibiotics could potentially worsen the disease. The antibiotics used in this study intensified neurological lesions and the number of immune antibodies that attack a patient’s own organs and tissues. (State, 2016)

The scientists conducting this study want to test drugs against the syndrome. Mansfield said, “Treatment is great but therapeutics to prevent GBS from developing in the first place would be the best strategy so that people don’t have to suffer with paralysis.” (Larsen, 2016)

GBS is an autoimmune disease and  is the number one cause of acute neuromuscular paralysis. Symptoms include vomitting, diarrhea, tingling and weakness in the legs. Paralysis can spread to the upper body and arms and affect the lungs. Patient’s respiration is then assisted with ventilator Other complications include Reiter’s Syndrome which  causes reactive arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Despite the severity of GBS, treatments have been very limited and fail in many cases.

Mayo Clinic


(Hageman, 2016)

The immune system starts to destroy the meylin sheath that surrounds the axon, or the axon themselves. As a results, transmission of nerve signals cannot be done effeciently. The muscles starts to lose its ability to respond to the brain’s commands. The brain also receives fewer sensory signals from the rest of the bost, resulting in disability to feel.


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