The milk

A Campylobacter outbreak happened in Pueblo County, Colorado where atleast 20 people were affected. Those affected reported that they drank raw milk from Larga Vista Ranch. Government warned consumers not to consume raw milk and its products from Larga Vista. Its complications is greater for infants, elderly, pregnant women and those will weakened immune system.

Many animals carry Campylobacter in their intestines and shed in feces. Cow’s teas is positioned closed to its anus, thus feces may get into the milk and contaminate it. Less than 500 organisms of Campylobacter are needed to cause infectious disease. (Desk, 2016)

As a result of not purchasing the Ranch’s products, the revenue reduced by half. And more money has to be invested in investigating the source of campylobacter and the treatment so that the product is bug-free.



On 22 December 2016, six cases of campylobacter so far have been linked to consumption of unpasteurised milk from Low Sizergh Barn Farm in Kendal. Public Health England (PHE) created an online questionnaire for those who visited the farm, regardless of whether they drank raw milk.


The results from the survey will be used for investigation led by South Lakeland Council and Food Standards Agency (FSA). The council’s spokesman said that it is important for people to know about the situation in case they get infected. FSA is taking measures to prevent public consumption of unsafe products. One of the measures includes removing unpasteurised milk from the sales when the Campylobacter results were confirmed.

The farm sells about 70 litres of unpastuerised milk from its vending machine each day. When FSA ceases its sales, it results in the loss of revenue for the farm. Some of the workers there may even be jobless for the time being. (BBC, 2016)


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