The response

WHO partners with other stakeholdersis to develop policies that will further promote the safety of food. These policies cover the entire food chain from production to consumption.


WHO promotes the strengthening of food safety systems, promoting good manufacturing practices and educating retailers and consumers about appropriate food handling and avoiding contamination. These efforts are the most critical interventions in the prevention of foodborne illnesses.

  • WHO’s brochure A guide on safe food for travellers gives practical advice for safeguarding health when travelling (
  • Ensure food is properly cooked and still hot when served.
  • Avoid raw milk and products made from raw milk. Drink only pasteurized or boiled milk.
  • Avoid ice unless it is made from safe water.
  • When the safety of drinking water is questionable, boil it, or if this is not possible, disinfect it with a reliable, slow-release disinfectant agent (usually available at pharmacies).
  • Wash hands thoroughly and frequently using soap, in particular after contact with pets or farm animals, or after having been to the toilet.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables carefully, particularly if they are eaten raw. If possible, vegetables and fruits should be peeled.
  • Both professional and domestic food handlers should be vigilant while preparing food and should observe hygienic rules of food preparation.
  • Professional food handlers who suffer from fever, diarrhoea, vomiting or visible infected skin lesions should report to their employer immediately.
  • More information for food handlers is provided in the WHO Five keys to safer food (  


WHO (2016) Campylobacter. Available at: (Accessed: 13 November 2016).


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